Oxford Africa Conference 2021


As the oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford is a unique and historic institution. Oxford has a distinctive collegiate structure. Students and academics benefit from belonging both to the University, a large, internationally-renowned institution, and to a college or hall, a small, interdisciplinary academic community.

AfOx is a cross-university platform based at the University of Oxford with the aim of facilitating equitable and sustainable collaborations between researchers based at the University of Oxford and African universities, as well as increasing the number of African students pursuing postgraduate degrees in Oxford.

Sendwave is an app-based remittance company with the mission of making sending money cross-borders as easy as sending a text. The app sends instant, no fee transfers from the US, UK, and Canada to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria with top rates.

Oxford University’s African Studies Centre is one of the world’s leading centres of African Studies. Though the history of the study of Africa in Oxford preceded the founding of the Centre in 2004, the Centre has since become the focal point for graduate level work and faculty research on Africa in Oxford. Alongside a vibrant doctoral programme, the MSc in African Studies, inaugurated in 2005, is already recognised as one of Europe's most prestigious and most successful training programme in the field.

Academia Santa Catarina (ASC) is a private start-up dedicated to the development of scientific research, technical and vocational Training, in innovation economics and STEM education in Angola. Operating at the interface of the world of academia, business, public policy and society.

HACSA seeks to reunite the African diaspora and highlight the importance of heritage and culture for socioeconomic development, within the framework of women’s empowerment, environmental protection and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We work through advocacy, education, innovation and collaboration with both individuals and partner organisations in Africa and the diaspora.